Two weeks after…

Thank you all for the many well wishes. Sorry I haven’t been able to respond too quickly. As my one friend put it in an email…”And just like that…it all changes.” That pretty much summed up the last two weeks and I’m sure from here on out.

The first 24hrs was great with all the typical feeling one might expect. As the adreneline starts to wear off and sleep goes from rare to non-existent … the real challenge begins. I always heard from friends about the no sleep thing and I guess I never comprehended what that would be like. The last time I pulled an all-nighter was probably college trying to finish all the art projects I put off till the end of the semester. And that was only a 24hr deal. (And much younger as well). Now, only getting an hour and a half here and there for a total of maybe 4-5 hrs per 24hrs for two weeks….kinda wears you down. It is getting better though as we are past the jaundice thing and mom and son are getting more settled in at home.

Here’s a few more pics I thought I would share…


New Arrival

So, I guess I lied last week when I said 2 more weeks. We have a new member of the Rae team. I would like to introduce….
Nolan David Rae.


Aka: Nole, Nolanator, Nolemeister, Noller, Steam Noller, Noller Coaster, Nollaroller Ding Dong…We’ll see if anything sticks.