So what happened to the updates?

Colic happened. Pictured to the left is a very exhausted mom and cranky boy this past weekend. Lindsay and I keep saying that we don’t know how single parents do it. I canceled my triathlon in New Hampshire just because I couldn’t leave Lindsay to deal by herself. Our hats go off to all you single moms with colic babies. We thought that if you get through the first couple months that the rest would be fairly easy. Babies just sleep and eat…Right?…

Well I guess I skipped the chapter in the manual about colic babies. Poor guy has some nasty acid reflux issues. Just cannot sit comfortably for more than 10 minutes. Most of his time is anywhere from just constant fussing to all out screaming (longest scream lasted 4hrs). Makes it kinda tough to get anything done. Including making this post. We are very sorry for any missed emails.

The first pic in the gallery below is a screaming fit at 1.5 months. Don’t worry though…He is getting much better overall. I did manage to capture a few happy moments so be sure to check out the rest.