Thanks Pete

These days we are all becoming more aware how precious it is to have a job. Last I heard, reports were saying that a person would switch jobs every 7 years in their life. Lately, I be very appreciative to still be employed and it also got me thinking about all the good and bad places I’ve worked in the past… and I’ve definitely out paced the 7 year standard in my life.

I’m sure everyone can also remember their first experience earning actual cash. Mine was somewhere around the age of 15 or 16 working for a mason named Pete. Today, I just learned that he passed away. So I just wanted to say thanks for getting me to like tomatoes on my sandwiches, for the enjoyment of being a passenger in the old chevy pickup with the budweiser tap for a stick shift and a bumper sticker that said gotta love that shit kickin music… and thanks for the job.