New Arrival #2


Its our distinct pleasure to introduce Miles Charles Rae.

Aka: Milenator, Mileage, (MPG) Miles per gallon, big pile of Miles, Miracle Miles…We’ll see if anything sticks.

So this was bit earlier than expected. He was not supposed to be here til June. Last Thursday we went to the hospital (again) for Lindsay to pass yet another kidney stone. I guess Miles was thinking, I’ve had it with this rock in my side…I’m getting out of here. He is considered a premie and has a tough road these next few weeks in the NICU but is doing ok. Lindsay is recovering just fine. I have set up a blog for her to go into more detail and post his updates.  —here is Lindsay’s Corner

I’ll add a gallery of photos here as I get them…

–UPDATE 05/06/09–
Miles is home!! Thank you for all the unbelievable support.


The Nolanator does a full night of sleep!! 8-5:30!
Nice Job…Thanks Buddy!!!

{—update: As of April 6, 2009—}
Oddly enough, this has been the only time since then.