Van Gogh's live in Syracuse!

Just thought I’d throw a quick invite to anyone in the Syracuse, NY area on this Saturday, December 6. Our band, Van Gogh’s Other Left Ear, is playing at the Half Penny Pub—321 W. Fayette Street , Syracuse, NY 13202. We will be second on stage (approximately 11pm) following The Milkweeds and before Wishpool.

unknown_coverbook_cover1This is our long (very long) awaited, CD release gig for our new album “Unknown”. Featuring 11 original songs! If your around we’d love to see ya…especially since I may be taking a break from gigs for a year or two.


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So how did it go?

It was rockin! Despite a stray note or a outa-place crash I’d say it went fairly well. We thoroughly enjoyed playing on an actual stage with actual lights and especially …an actual sound guy. Nice job sound man. Hopefully family life will settle in the near future an gigs/practice will resume.


One thought on “Van Gogh's live in Syracuse!”

  1. HI MIKE!!

    ,,,you guys sound awesome! ,,,what a great ‘tease’ with the song– mike,,,ya know that my birthday is on MARCH 27TH ,,,here’s a BIG hint for ya,,, maybe a copy of your CD would be a nice B-day gift for me!! ha.

    anyhow ,,,i’m glad i decided to browse your site to get to see my other nephew,,, ‘little’ nolan!! he is such a cutieeeee,,,,
    i’d better get to meet him before the next little RAE comes into the world!! ha. ,,please give my love to lindsay for me,,, hopefully photoshop DID the work of you on her shoulders in the Holiday card! ,,,,you guys look FANTASTIC!

    btw ,,,your cousin jimmie helped me out after i got out of the hospital w/ my back surgery,,, he had just finished his finals in audio production out in california where he’s living in Burbank–
    soooooo ,,,now we have jimmie in sound tech and production work under his belt,,, i’m sure that if you need a sound guy for a gig,,,it would be a blast for him to help you out!

    jimmie gave me an extra copy of his music which he produced and wrote ,,,and i think that out of the whole family ,,,you might appreciate it the most– so watch the mailbox at your new house,,,
    just ONE thing,,,send me your new postal addy via my email so i know where to send the CD–

    my love to you ,,lindsay,,,and a big hug for nolan

    aunt carole

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