Happy Holidays 2009

Ok, I lied in the last post!! I started feeling too guilty about not having a holiday card this year so…. here ya go but be warned it’s just a montague of photos from the past year (and it was a busy year) so its about 8 minutes long. For your view pleasure, it is located HERE.

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2009”

  1. hi mike! i hope im leaving this comment in the right place. i enjoyed your video christmas card so much. it touched my heart. you are amazing and im so happy for you. do you miss your doggie? i would have taken him! lol… i lost my shep almost 3 years ago and it seems like yesterday… so sad. but anyway, your card made me sooooo happy!!! you have a beautiful family. xoxoxoox

  2. 2010 and first chance i’ve had to let you and Lindsay know how much i enjoyed viewing your Christmas Card ’09– and let me tell you ,,,i sure have two very handsome and ADORABLE great-nephews! ,,,i can’t wait to be able to play with both of them–

    ,,since i know how much the Rae’s are into wearing hats,,
    i am going to email a photo to you of two more additional generations of Rae’s who could have just possibly started the hat ‘tradition’ (and no it’s not of Aunt Carole!! ha).

    ,,much love to all of you
    Aunt Carole

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