Old School


With all of the hype on the news about Oswego gettting slammed with snow this past week, I felt compelled to see for myself exactly how much. Rochester always seems to escape the big snow fall. This is because of the general location in respect to the winds coming off Lake Ontario. They tend to hit the eastern and south east corners of the lake. So, Lindsay and I decided to do a little road trip in our quest to see the big snow. As we started heading east, the amount of snow mobilers started increasing so this was a good sign of heading in the right direction. Sure enough…as we got to the Oswego County line, the snow banks started to get higher. However, as we pulled into town, it was mostly the banks that were piled up…not so much on the ground. About 3-4 feet which is a good amount but not the 6-7 we were expecting. Oh well….still had fun.